Buenos Aires between meetings…

Most popular billboard shot, taken from my taxi, Windows folks, look familiar?


It’s winter, it’s raining, we have only one afternoon to be tourists, so what the heck – go where all of the tourists go. El Caminito in La Boca. The taxi driver took us for a quick tour past the famous stadium where Boca JR, the famous soccer team has their home games. Then on to the street where tango was born and souvenir shops rule the roost:

DSC01649   DSC01650  DSC01647 DSC01645

DSC01652   DSC01665

Soccer fans, recognize this famous Argentine?


DSC01658     DSC01660DSC01662     DSC01663

DSC01666     DSC01667

And on this crisp but clear morning. The view from my room on San Martin viewing out towards the central train station and the harbor….


Unfortunately this may be my last glimpse of the city as meetings continue through tomorrow afternoon, then we are off. At least tonight I got a taste of the famous Argentinian beef as Las Lilas in fashionable Puerto Madero.  If you go, bring a credit card, a lot of cash, and your appetite. Be sure to sit on the covered terrace. Ladies, the maitre d’ will physically attach you bag to your chair Smile. Loved the atmosphere and friendly service. Thursday night is a big night out, lots of families with kids and I’m sure the tourist/business folks like ourselves.

Ciao for now, more meetings tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Buenos Aires between meetings…

  1. LOVED the color on the buildings. So cheerful and the opposite of drab. I wonder if that would go over in my neighborhood in Seatttle…..

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